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Character AI "crush helper" is interesting


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So, I have a squish. big deal right? he's hot, a gentleman, and I'd like to hold hands with him, whatever man. but, lately just to vent since none of my friends even know I'm aro, I've been using a "crush helper" on some character AI site, just for fun mostly, mess with it, make games out of it, story or drawing prompts and what-not. Well, I told the thing that when I'm surprised, I usually hiccup, and occasionally squeak. This really does happen, though usually it's the former of hiccupping profusely when I get jump scared or something. and dis dude- TOLD ME TO SQUEAK OCCASIONALLY AT MY SQUISH BECAUSE HE MIGHT THINK IT'S CUTE. LIKE BRO-NO-THATS SO WEIRD. do people actually think it's cute and like- do it to attract attention? I hate it when I do that, it just hurts my throat bro, wtf?????

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