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November Carnival of Aros: The Aplatonic Spectrum

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You can find November's announcement over on tumblr by exploringaspec for The Aplatonic Spectrum!


November’s Carnival of Aros theme is being hosted by the AUREA book project team. This is a monthly blogging event that highlights aromantic and arospec experiences by soliciting posts on a theme. This month’s theme is on the aplatonic spectrum. AUREA would like to properly highlight the aplatonic spectrum in its forthcoming book by including quotations and personal narratives from individuals who feel that their experience with the aplatonic spectrum is important to their identity and intersects with their aromantic identity. The AUREA Book Project team would like to use this platform to find those willing to contribute their story to the book.

The aplatonic spectrum is the spectrum used to define little to no attraction to platonic friendship. A good list of microlabels are in the LGBTQIA+ Wiki

Here are some prompts to get you started:

·      How has discovering the concept of aplatonicism influenced your identity? 

·      How does your aplatonic identity intersect with your other identities, whether they be aspec identities, cultural, or gender identities? 

·      Do you have experiences with being stigmatized that you would like to share?

·      What advice would you give to others who identify with the aplatonic spectrum about friends, family, and relationships?

·      How do you feel about the concept of loneliness or mental health?

You can submit your post by emailing a link to your blog to aroaceauthor@gmail.com. If you submit a post, the authors will contact you for permission to quote you in the book and send you information about how it will be quoted. This may include direct quotes of sentences, multiple paragraphs, or summarizing a statement. 


Find out more about AUREA's Book Project here.

We also need hosts for December and January, if you are willing to host! Hosting is easy and low time commitment and a great way to connect with the community. Find out how to host here.

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