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Doubting asexuality


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Idk if I’m really ace. I feel this weird feeling in my body when certain things happen and when I see certain things. But at the same time idk what sexual attraction feels like and dunno why people experience it.

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Hey, it might just be your sex drive, which is different than attraction to a person. It's just a feeling and it doesn't invalidate your levels of attraction to ppl. And remember that it's a spectrum🙃

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Just like being horny/sex drive/libido and sexual attraction are two different things, arousal and sexual attraction are also two different things.

Horniness/sex drive/libido = sensation of desiring sex/masturbation (could be physical, mental, or both)

Arousal = physical reaction related to sexual feelings/actions (ex. getting a boner, tingling in clit, getting wet - all of which can happen regardless of if you're having sex/masturbating or not)

Sexual attraction = feeling a physical and mental desire/pull to have sex with a specific person in particular

In my experience, what you're describing is arousal: your body acting up on instinct even though you may not be horny or sexually attracted to anyone. It is a SUPER weird, confusing, and foreign experience to have no attraction (or libido) and start experiencing arousal. It is SO strange. But it can happen. It's basically just electrical impulses causing your body to react. It doesn't inherently mean you experience sexual attraction or even have a libido.

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