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is this possible?

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i know for sure im asexual and on the aromatic spectrum. 

the thing about me is i LOVE romance! i love love! i've had "crushes" before but never to the extent of wanting to date them. i've been "attracted" to people but it only reaches the "i REALLY want to talk to them" point never "i want to date them" or do anything physical/romantic with

however, i did recently develop a HUGE crush on someone to the point i did consider the dating/romantic aspect it even extended to me thinking about hand holding at most never kissing or anything like that. also i thought about this but i know i wont actually hold someone's hand or be physically affectionate lol

since then i've been playing around with a sort of grayromantic identity but i've been wondering if it's possible to be leaning in some way towards homoromantic while also keeping the arospec ace identity? 

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