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Steriotypical dreams


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this is not a post about asexuality aromanticism or anything similar

so you know how there are dreams that everyone  always says they have had heres a list real quick to help explain

1-teeth falling out


3-car troubles

4-being chased



7-Public Nudity

ive had a few of these as fever dreams being chased and for some reason car troubles (i cant drive im 14)

anywaya i thought the fact that ive experinced none of these is a cool post idea

every time from now till i complete this list or die il comment my  dreams from this list


weve got some starteds

3-ive had MANY dreams about car failure usually  im supposed to wait in the car and it starts moveing extremly fast 

or something similar

4-i had a fever dream in which i couldn't move "properly" while being chased

7-this happened last night and is the reason I posted this

DISCLAIMER:I've had public nudity dreams before tonight it's just when I've had them the other characters are always aware and I'm embarrassed

Anyway in the dream there was a random girl sitting naked in the classroom while we did are work so I was like if she can do it I can and got naked to I was kind of hiding and embarrassed but literally nobody said anything 

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