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Policies conditions where might to be asexual


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According to the policies I will use the policies conditions where I could be asexual

What are the policy conditions under which I could be asexual? These are the numbers that drive policy.


1. Not feeling attracted to any sex is in any case being asexual.

2. Not thinking or having thoughts about sex or being sexually intimate with someone is what I mean is that thinking about sex a lot is difficult for me.

3. Use the policy condition of not having sexual relations or engaging in sexual activity with others or having intimacy or genital encounter with anyone and my main statement is correct is that I have no desire to engage in sexual activity with others people as part of my life.

4. Sex is not part of my life, that is to say that everyone wants sex with someone, it is not because I am asexual, but because intimacy is not necessary for me.

5.Make resources about asexuality in different academic centers as universities as an inclusion and explain sexual talk to the students of the 11 eleventh grade.

6. The sex is like any other activity don't perform this with someone but it might self-explore the body through masturbation.

7. Having kids is a blessing but just because I have children doesn't mean I stop being asexual I will still be asexual it's just that if I want to have children I will get it somehow.

8.Watch to someone naked as a woman or a man don't the naked people do not must give me freak is than are policies conditions that I have.

9. Explain very fine the relationships that I have got by to be asexual this wants to say the asexuality is a sexual orientation oriented toward either sex.

10. Being alone without anyone understanding asexuality and its resources, research and policies and if I want to use the asexual label I will have a duty to use the asexual label.

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Ultimately it depends on you, if you feel asexual and want to use that label then by all means do it.

Also remember that asexuality is on a spectrum. There is no asexuality rule book everyone must follow to be asexual. You can be gray ace, demi ace, lithosexual and more. 

Based on what you said I think your closer to the experiences of no sexual attraction or interest category.

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