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Newest Season of Disenchantment

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Whoa. They really went hard/blatant on the love = good and loveless = bad this season.




When Dagmar (who is evil/the villain) outright said "I've never loved and look at me" in contrast to the main characters really opening up to love/being loved/loving others, my heart just sank.

Like obviously they've been building up to this, not only with Bean learning to cope with pain without alcohol and becoming more functional and bringing her walls down to the point where she doesn't just lash out whenever anyone gets kinda close to her, but also very much with Lucie the demon going to heaven again and getting angel wings and a halo and admitting he loves Bean enough to be completely unselfish with helping her.

But you can write a love story without turning lovelessness into an evil or equating lovelessness with evil at all. I know the symbolism has existed in the show since the beginning. Dagmar has never loved anyone and only uses them and is largely defeated by others working together and caring about people enough to work against her. But to just blatantly say it outright this season...

I am sad. I'm sad because I also really like this show. I adore Beanie and Mora together. I'm so happy for Beanie and her growth. Elfo and Mop Girl are a great pair. Lucie has perhaps one of the most interesting character journeys. And now I just feel fucking demonized and hated by the people who create/write for this show now. =\

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