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October Carnival of Aros: Humanity and the Non-Human

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October's Carnival of Aros is hosted by tabby-shieldmaiden on tumblr and can be found here!


This is a call for submissions for the Carnival of Aros, a monthly aromantic/aro-spec themed blog carnival. You can find the roundup of last month’s submissions for the theme “Visions of Aro History” hosted by arotechno here.

Anyone can write a post to be featured in the carnival, just post a link to your article here in the comments or shoot me an email at aroarowhatsallthis@gmail.com. Submissions are due by 31st October, but if you think you might need a bit more time to get your submission done, just shoot me a message and I’ll keep that in mind. A roundup post will be posted sometime in early November.

It’s October, and for many people this means that it’s Halloween season. As such, thoughts of non-humans of all kinds will be on people’s minds for many different reasons. Whether they’re thinking up Halloween costumes, watching horror movies, or simply watching all the festivities taking place from a distance, many people will have monsters, aliens, animals, robots, and all manner of different non-human entities on their radars.

Needless to say, these things are on my mind too. In particular, I’d been thinking about how non-humanity gets framed in relation to ‘humanity’, what that means, and how these ideas of what’s considered human/inhuman affect people. I believe many people have interesting things to say about the topic, from multiple different perspectives. Which is why this month, I have chosen the theme of humanity and the non-human.

Here are some prompts:

  • Concepts such as ‘love’ have been held up by many as a marker of humanity. What are your thoughts on this? 
  • How has your aromanticism (or aplatonicism, lovelessness, etc) affected your relationship with humanity as a concept? 
  • In addition, understandings and expressions of love, marriage, and romance tend to be very culturally defined, but certain expressions of it might be treated as universally human. Have you ever been alienated and/or dehumanised by a dominant culture’s understanding of love/marriage/romance? Feel free to get as intersectional as you want when discussing this. 
  • Write about a connection you have had with something non-human, whether living (animals, plants, etc) or non-living (a hobby, a passion, etc) and how that relates to your identity as aro(-spec). 
  • It’s been a fairly well-documented phenomenon that many aromantics tend to feel some sort of connection to some sort of fictional non-human species, whether as specific examples, or as a whole. If you relate, what are your thoughts on these characters and concepts as an aro(-spec)? 
  • Do you have any experiences in any subcultures related to non-humanity, such as Voidpunk?

I’m excited to read everyone’s submissions!

Submissions are due October 31st.

We need hosts for November and December! Please do consider hosting. It's really easy and can be really fun and a great way to connect with the community. You can host on any site you want. See here for information on how to host.

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Responses can be found here.


This month’s Carnival of Aros theme was Humanity and the Non-Human. During the course of this month, I have gotten many interesting responses from lots of different people. Thank you to everyone who contributed this month!

Aro-Sora: https://www.tumblr.com/aro-sora/730490457284558849/heartless

Sara Jaksa: https://sarajaksa.eu/2023/10/carnival-of-aros-october-2023-i-do-feel-part-of-the-humanity/

Serenaluna15: https://serenaluna15.tumblr.com/post/731915467944574976/carnival-of-aros-storytelling-and-human


In addition to these responses, we also have these contributions which were not made directly in response to the theme, but were sent to me as they were somewhat relevant.

Acefilmreviews: https://acefilmreviews.wordpress.com/2023/10/20/the-lobster-2015/

Talistheintrovert (via Sildarmillion): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-JVW877Bwo

Once again, thank you for all your responses!


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