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okay so im not entirely sure if this will work but I thought it would be fun to play

basically, draw seven cards( using this link: uno card generator ) and 'place' the one you want by putting color and number, then below it italicize the number of cards you have left



blue 8



yellow 8


if you have one card left, write UNO under the number of cards left, if you don't and someone calls you out, you have to add 3 more cards to your deck

the first person to get rid of all their cards win

lets start



green 3


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It's blocked by my school too but using gacha life or gacha club in now.gg without an ad blocker and switching between studio and the main area until you get an ad and then clicking the learn more or watch now or shop now button, you get a new browser without anything being blocked. Also I play a red 9


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