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Am I Aro?


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I'm 24 years old and recently had my first romantic relationship. I always thought I wanted a relationship but when I finally got in one, I just felt weird about everything. So much that I didn't want to put a label on our relationship. Stuff like kissing and cuddling with her just made me feel uncomfortable. When she would ask if I wanted to come over, I secretly didn't want to go. I was hoping it was just jitters but when she broke up with me, I honestly felt relieved. Now when I look into the future, I don't see myself in a relationship or getting married. I know I'm not asexual because I'm still attracted to women. But as far as relationships go, I just don't see the need anymore.

Please help me

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2 minutes ago, Jonny2117 said:

Stuff like kissing and cuddling with her just made me feel uncomfortable.

Only you know you, but I'd say this sounds very aromantic.

While the discomfort could be connected to the person, if you don't love the idea cuddling/kissing/holding hands with romantic undertones in general then yes sir that is aromanticism.

(We welcome you to the club!)

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I think this sounds a lot like cupioromantic but also lithromantic or orchidromantic? The cupioromantic from you saying you wanted a relationship and lithromantic or orchidromantic because you say you don't want a relationship anymore/fell out if love.

Either way I think you are probably arospec but you use what labels you want! :)

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