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September Carnival of Aros: A Vision of Aro History

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September's Carnival is being hosted by arotechno on tumblr! The theme sounds really interesting; I hope it will inspire some cool participation!


The Carnival of Aros is a monthly aromantic/arospec blogging carnival. You can find the roundup of July 2023 submissions for the theme “Loneliness” here.

Anyone can write a post to be featured in the carnival. Just post a link to your submission in the comments, DM it to me on tumblr, or email me at technotrashcan@gmail.com. Submissions are due by September 30.

This month’s theme is: Visions of Aro History

The aromantic community as we think of it is still relatively new, and always growing and evolving. As someone who has personally watched the aro community grow quite a lot over the course of nearly a decade now, I often wonder how much we don’t know, and how many of us—as current-day aros—will be remembered in the future.

That’s why, for this month, I want to discuss our personal visions of aro history. Some sample prompts include:

  • What does aro history mean to you? What is your own personal history with aromanticism or the aromantic community?
  • As a relatively fledgling community, we don’t have many role models or ways of envisioning an aromantic future. What does this feel like for you? Is it frightening? Empowering?
  • What is your favorite bit of aromantic history?
  • Over the years, many terms, concepts, jokes, etc. within the aro community have been lost. What is one piece of aro history you wish was still in use or better known today?
  • Although we have records of folks using the word “aromantic” as far back as the early 2000s, we have always existed. What do you wish we knew about early aromantic history? What do you wish you could say to people from the past who did not have the language to express what we would call aromanticism?
  • Years from now, what is something from today that you hope is remembered as a piece of aro history?
  • What do you hope is different in the future?

At the end of the month or shortly thereafter, I will post a roundup of everyone’s responses. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate! Happy blogging!


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Responses can be found here!


That’s a wrap on the Carnival of Aros for September 2023! This month’s theme was Visions of Aro History.

Tabby submitted a piece called ‘Living an Aromantic Life’ about what it means to not only identify as aro, but to live as an aro, in the past, present, and future.

Jules wrote about their own personal history with the aromantic label and the struggle to find accounts of aromanticism throughout history.

Sara Jakša wrote 'I Want to Know more about Aro History’ about the differences in the conceptions of aromanticism across different languages and cultures.

Coyote wrote an 'Open Call for More Reference Materials’. The post calls for wider and more in-depth coverage of aro history. Take a look!

Frawley wrote 'I hope the aro community stays silly’, a piece about the close-knit nature, inventiveness, and whimsy of aro communities. I hope the aro community stays silly, too!

Kiera sent in a piece about Little Women, aromantics of bygone eras, and hopes for a future we create together.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted this month. Go check their pieces out!


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