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When i was younger i tought everyone that looked attractive was my crush. But later i realize all my crushes are not really.. crushes-

Just think about it, would u wanna hold hands with this crush or do things? No! And i am still not sure but i think i am aroace.

If anyone could tell me: Is it normal for an aroace for having in the past crushes? Am i really AroAce then? (help)

(I am at this moment 12 years old. Am i just young or what is it)

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yh. 4 many ppl sexuality is fluid. i used to exp attraction as well b4 realizing im anattractional but that doesnt invalidate my orientation now. u can have past crushes n still id as aspec

ure not too young to know that ure any orientation. gay folks may find out theyre gay v early on n their age doesnt inherently invalidate their orientation either. so age shouldnt b a concern 4 aspecs either

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That sounds a lot like my experience at that age! Had I known the word at the time, I'm fairly certain I could have confidently called myself aro when I was 12.

I encourage you to look further into aro experiences and learn more about the term if you haven't already (I literally cannot recommend Ash Hardell's videos on the a-spectrum enough, they were one of the best things ever when I was questioning) and don't hesitate to ask more questions as they arise.

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