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What is romantic attraction supposed to feel like?


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47 minutes ago, SwiftySpeedy said:

uhhhh idk, You should probably not ask a community full of people who can't feel it and ask them what it feels like lol.

Good point lol sorry.

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I think that's why this post is in the Romantic Allies and Partners section.  If anyone can answer this question, it's them! <3  

One thing that's been difficult for me is that a lot of my alloromantic friends don't have to think about their attraction all that much, since it comes so naturally to them and is seen as "the norm."  I've asked a couple of people who seem willing to discuss aromanticism with me, and I haven't been able to glean much from those conversations besides "romance is very distinct."  Unfortunately, that does not clear things up for me at all! T_T

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