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Queerplatonic, alterous or romantic attraction?

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Hello yall. Ive been thinking abt my romantic attractions again. So i settled for the greyaro and aegoromantic label but im not sure if im greyaro. Cus yeah, i liked to fantasize abt my "crush" being romantic with a vague 'someone' but it never involved me and once it did, it felt repulsive. But my aego has been aego-ing recently so i really like to fantize abt fictional couples being romantic. And im really sure im not romantically attracted to any of these fictional characters even tho i like them seeing having romantic interactions, cus i lack the following feelings for them ive written down below. So if we ignore this whole fantasy things would:

"I find this person to be very important to me and you could say theyre my favourite person. Id like these feelings to be reciprocated. I feel a longing to spend time with them, think abt them alot and want to have an emotional connection. Maybe we could live together as roommates when were older" sound as romantic attraction?

I dont experience platonic attraction very often either. Guess im only aware of 2 platonic attractions, maybe 3. But this experience is the most intense attraction ive ever experienced. Is that what ppl mean when ppl say romantic attraction is just different from platonic attraction?

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it can be a lot of things tbf. all 3 romantic; alterous & qp attraction has this description. u just have to put them into each context to see how u feel abt it. for instance; try to think of it in a romantic context. u want to do this w some1 romantically. how do u feel? or when u want to do this w some1 in a qpr. how do u feel? if u dont have any specific relationship goals in mind; like ur answer is 'idk how id feel'; then its prob alterous

1 way to differentiate alterous attraction from the rest is its lack of goal. it doesnt have a correlating relationship type. its an attraction of simply wanting emotional closeness/intimacy wo any of the romantic/platonic/qp context

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