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Oh it sounds like a really dangerous thing to continue, making more and more addicting things? Intentionally lowering the attention span of people? That sounds like a REALLY bad idea. At this point they’re making something with no problem to fix, it’s just… addictive entertainment. I can imagine this slowly becoming so interactive that you can’t tell the difference between what is and isn’t real.

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54 minutes ago, Noble-Harvest-Spear said:

To be fair, people had similar fears regarding the metaverse but that flopped hard. This might be one of those things everyone just ignores

People have had some seriously good reviews on this, everyone’s seriously hyping it up, this might be somewhere as big as the iPhone because it still keeps your actual sight so you can use it anywhere.

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38 minutes ago, Harvest-Unity said:

Hopefully this can become a nonpartisan issue that people will vote on, so that we can push for regulations of these technologies and how addictive they are allowed to make them.

So far there’s been very little talk on that subject but I really hope so.

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