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This forum is capable of changing peoples lives in amazing ways.

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I was browsing random topics on the forum right here until I found this one that was started by a guest user.

It's a long read but I suggest you take a look, It made me realize that this forum can change people's lives and it is not just a place for aromantic people to talk.


It also really made my day (:

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Yeah, it’s nice to know how much of an effect it’s having on others. I can relate this guys signs of being aroace but not the experience, I never really looked for romance or tried to like any of that, I just always assumed that it’s happen at some point and just focused on anything else. There was never any social pressure for me at all so I kinda just did my own thing. 🤷‍♂️

Not to mention that well, I’m proud of the possibility that I’m aroace, I don’t want to have kids or marry, I never did and the thought that this may be permanent more than excites me. I always just wanted to have a successful career, to enjoy life, and to live how I want. :D

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