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greetings fellow frogs!

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hello there , name is classified but it means golden , so you can call me gold. ( or what my friends call me, gold metal)

i began identifying with the term Aromantic some months ago, but i knew about it , with Asexuality, since 12, so for almost 7 years now. Although that , i did find my self acting like  it for all my life, but due to the cultural conditions in my country , i had to put it under the rug for some years, eventually thinking i was pan for a year prior. Which i see is a popular pipeline, also huge thanks to my pan friend for helping me find peace in my self during some dark times :)))) 

I am an ESTP in MBTI , i study Geography and i like having a lot of friends from diffrent backrounds! I grew up watching mostly How its Made , Science for dummies ect, so i can say i am also into that! I also love old cameras and nature/outdoors! Nice to meet you!!!

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