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April 2023 Carnival of Aros: Family

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Carnival of Aros is back for April, and the theme is Family!

Find the full call with prompts and instructions on how to submit over on tumblr via tabby-shieldmaiden: https://tabby-shieldmaiden.tumblr.com/post/713444296272101376/april-2023-carnival-of-aros-call-for-submissions


This month, I wanted to hear other aromantic and aro-spectrum folks’ thoughts on family. Any and all types of families and familial relationships. Whether they be biological, adopted, fostered, found, and more. As well as any thoughts on the concept itself; whether or not you think families are important, what you would consider to be a family. Anything to do with the idea at all. Here are some prompts to help get you thinking.

  • How have your experiences with family been impacted by you being aro(spec)? Whether the concept of family, or your relationships with actual family members, or even both.
  • Talk about the difficulties aromantics and aro-spec people may face when building or maintaining relationships with their families.
  • What are your thoughts on family as an aromantic or arospec person? How important do you consider familial relationships to be?
  • What are your thoughts on found or chosen families? Have you any experiences in trying to find a family? Do you have any experiences with this form of a relationship in your life?
  • What are some ways we can help to support aro(spec) people and their families? Whether they be parents, caretakers, people in need of caretaking (such as elderly or disabled family members), children and teenagers, partners, or anyone else I’m forgetting.
  • How do you think amatonormativity has affected the way we conceptualize what is or is not a family? And in what ways can we fight against it? What are some alternative ways of viewing and building families?

Submissions are due by the 30th of April, but don’t worry if you’re a couple of days late. A roundup post will be published in early May. To submit to the Carnival, either reblog with a link to your post (if you have a tumblr). If you do not have a tumblr, then please email your submission to aroarowhatsallthis@gmail.com

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!

We also don't have a May host yet, if you're interested in trying out hosting!

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