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my boy bsf who i have been having a fwb relationship with for some time just got a gf is it even possible that he could while dating her realize that he has feelings for me 

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Going to repeat what you were told in your previous thread, that this is an Aromantic forum for people who don't or rarely feel romantic attraction. Most people here do not have the type of feelings or experiences to be able to answer your questions regarding romantic feelings, as we generally don't experience that. You would probably be better served by any of the numerous dating advice subs on reddit, like r/dating_advice, r/relationshipadvicenow, r/relationshipadvice, or r/relationships.

Anyway, I'm really sorry, but I think you need to accept this boy doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about him, and now that he's in a relationship, it's really not an appropriate time to confess to him and find out. Time to set some boundaries and give yourself space so you can move on. Sorry. Holding out hope that he's going to magically realize he actually likes you and wants to break up with his gf is just a waste of your time, energy, and feelings. Get out there and try new things and meet new people. Don't sit around with your life on pause for him.

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