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I regret coming out. He said “im not surprised” and then we didnt talk for a bit cos i was in class. Then i said i didnt feel well and he said good for you and he said how i stress him out all the time and I don’t know what i did wrong and if it has to to do with me coming out F5DAF120-464B-44FF-B491-F928119C3A76.jpeg.d65ebfa0cdf7fd096676a4865f9349a0.jpeg38981418-308A-406D-A1CF-4FE8C7FE90BE.jpeg.dd3a9604a56ff65d58f80db75719b92d.jpeg

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Okay.... Well I don't know the whole situation, but :

1 who is this person to you ? It seems kind of weird for me for someone to take a coming out so personally

2 again, I don't know the whole situation but someone that's upset but doesn't want to say the actual reason is not someone you want to be around. This is passive agressive and this is toxic. 

Good luck with that, and take care of yourself. Your mental (and physic) health is more important than anything 


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I'm sorry this person is treating you like this. It may not help - and it certainly doesn't make it acceptable - but when I end up in situations like these, it helps me gain some distance by trying to remind myself that other people's reactions are largely about them/their hangups/their past. A lot of the time they are lashing out due to personal things rather than me specifically doing anything particularly wrong.

But to reiterate and confirm, this person's reaction is absolutely out of line and not okay. I can't imagine snapping at someone and saying it's good they don't feel good. That's very low.

I hope the rest of your day improved. <3

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