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Question for males



I would post anonymously but why not be honest 


For context I'm an aroace teen.      

My questions slightly awkward ngl lol as a male we get "false alarms" in our special place what do you do when this happens because obviously I'm asexual so I'm not going to the other room to "take care of it's it just really bugs me when it happens cuz I can't move comfortably and people could easily get the wrong idea it's also very distracting my question to clarify isn't how to make it go away because it's supposed to happen and it goes away naturally my question is what do I do when it happens lol do I just ignore it is there away to get comfortable 

I know once I'm adult there  will be less false alarms but my brains still gonna trigger every now and then or what if I'm scrolling the web and see a pretty girl I could honestly care less but my brain still activates 

I hope I was clear with this question 

If need ask for clarification 







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Honestly, this has happened several times for me also. Normally, I try to cover the area or put my hoodie or jacket on my lap. To get comfortable, I would suggest to try and cross your legs and not try to move. Hope this helps.

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