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A sad attempt at starting a communication

Lunar Nova

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So, am I the only one who "rebels" against homophobic people (or family) in really tiny ways? like at one point I had my nails painted the colors of my pride flag(s), Ive made a 'reference sheet' explaining what my flags are, and has the background of my keyboard my pride flag aswell. Or is it just me that finds the joy in this small rebellion?

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My rebellion has never been tiny. I've always just straightforwardly called out problematic beliefs/statements even to family. Me and my friends started our school's first GSA and more than once had to retrieve our guidance counselor when raising awareness for queer rights and were harassed by other students. But I was also reasonably confident I wouldn't be physically harmed or kicked out even for talking back about such subjects to my family and wasn't afraid of a fight with my peers.

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I've put a combination of two of my pride flags as a lock wallpaper,  so that anyone who finds my phone... Knows. Also I've put my pride flag just in front of my room's door, and every person that walks up the stairs sees it. AND last but not least, this one isn't that little but I made a speech at school and I chose non binary as a subject

Oh and I have little bracelets that are my colors, even if no one recognises them. And badges. And an aroace ring.

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