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(I know it's also a manga. I haven't read it!)

Any other fans of Alice in Borderland around? I LOVE this show. Easily vaulted to one of my all time faves after just one season. The story, the casting, the relationships, the "games"... I just got sucked in. The very first hearts game our four starting protagonists played just rattled me, and I realized anything could happen in this show.

I also saw someone mention Arisu and Usagi as making excellent candidates for a queerplatonic relationship, and I can't stop thinking about.  Even though they did kiss in season 2, it still just felt very...unromantic to me. I love them as sensual friends or qpps and I will determinedly continue viewing them that way, no matter how a potential season 3 goes.

Plus, THAT ENDING TO SEASON 2, omgggggggg. Beyond the fact that the last episodes just GO IN and GO HARD (dragged my heart all over the place), that last cut screen!!! Hooooooolyyyyyy w.o.w. If we don't get a season 3, I may have to look for the manga to satiate my curiosity.

For me, there's also a small joy in the fact that the name is just a fun play on words reference and is otherwise super disconnected from the show because that's nearly always how I title any writing pieces I do, lol.

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