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CW: sex mention - I find it weird...


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...how dating at 15 is considered normal but the thought ot not wanting to date at 15 is beyond most people.

This is not rant but I'm genuinely confused.

When some teen is aroace they're "too young to get it" but two 15 year olds can have sex? Is that actually considered more normal than not wanting to date? I was baffled when I found out that 15 year olds actually do it while I don't even wanna date. If you ask me, puberty is usually when you figure it out.

If someone comes out as LGBT+ at 15, they're told they're not old enough to understand (from my own experiences and what my aquaintances have told me) but straight 15 year old having sex is normal and they're "old enough to understand"? It's so weird to me. 

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I’m guessing this is said by people who have a very narrow view of how the world should look like. And if you or anyone else doesn’t fit that narrow view, then you are just ‘to young’ to see it their way, the ‘only way’.

That’s what I think is happening anyway.

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