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Is this demi-romantic?


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I have considered myself fully 100% aromantic for a while without any doubt. 

Recently I have doubted this a lot. I think I have a crush on my best friend and I'm not sure what to do, what I'm wondering is would this make me Demiromantic?
I have never had a crush before so I assume that's what this is. She's my closest friend and I trust her more than anything. I haven't had feelings for her most of our friendship, this is like a last few months sort of thing. 

Anyways, it seems to me this has been my one and only crush ever and it's on someone I know very well, a while after we became close. 

I still feel a connection to arospec identities. I know I'm not alloromantic. I just don't know where I fall on the aromantic spectrum anymore.

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