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My aro crush would like to date?

Guest Mayonaise


Guest Mayonaise

Hi lovely community!

Decided to drop my question in here, since I am unfamiliar with the Aromantic community and would love to learn and understand.

I've been crushing on this person for a while, we've been hanging out, going on 'dates' and even some head-petting and all the good stuff.

Now I'm a super nervous and sensitive person when it comes to love and dating, so I hinted at them last time we went out if they have ever been on dates.. and they replied that they didnt really know and that we could call that day a 'date'. Of course I was pretty excited by then.

The next day I asked them if I could ask them out on a date, and even though they said "yes" , they mentioned that they are Aro.

I replied (a bit confused) that I'd respect their boundaries but I'm a bit unsure of what to do or what to expect? 

How do I proceed with this situation, if at all?

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First, ask where under the aromantic umbrella they are. They may feel romantic attraction in some scenarios still, so there may be no need to treat this relationship as any different than your others.

If they don't feel romantic attraction at all, they still may like to date, get married, etc.. All the typical romantic things, just without feeling romantic attraction.

The next thing to do is use what they tell you to determine if being in that relationship will bring what you want (some people need romantic attraction returned to feel content for example). If it will, go ahead. If not, respect your own boundaries and break it off.

Best of luck.

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