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being between aromantic and alloromantic (greyromanticism)


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I very much identify as aromantic. However I am definitely in the grey area as I have one romantic attachment that has persisted for years now. I'm publicly out as gay/a lesbian, this being because I want to be a voice for good in the Christian religious community. And it's not wrong, I mean: the person I'm in love with is a woman, and I am a woman.

But I also identify as "mostly aromantic". I feel like I almost have to "hide" my aromantic identity, because people outside of the aro and ace communities (and sometimes within the communities) don't understand the grey area.

I don't regret being out as lesbian. Not at all. But it's sometimes a bit of whiplash having both identities at once. Sometimes I'm like "yeah man, I'm soooo aro". And then other times I'm like "yeah man I'm soooo gay", lmaooo.

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