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Attraction or repulsion?? Physical symptoms?? Help??

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Hi !! I'm new to this site so bear with me but I could really use some aromatic advice.

so a few months ago a friend of mine confessed to having feelings for me and at the time it was really anxiety inducing and I said im not ready for a relationship but maybe at a later time. 

a couple days ago I randomly remembered this and realized that I could technically date them now if I wanted to. it made my stomach turn and for the past couple days I've had really bad anxiety/panic over this friend. seeing this friends name, thinking of them, sometimes talking to them or seeing them pop up in my messages, it makes me really anxious and I feel hot/burning, and super nauseous. and im shaky and stuff, just really bad unpleasant anxiety to the point where its hard to eat and I just want to avoid this friend at all costs.

I explained it to another friend of mine who said it sounds more like repulsion than attraction to this friend, and that I might be aromantic. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic and I've always loved romance and the idea of it but whenever someone (usually friends) admits to having a crush on me it makes me super uncomfortable. and the idea that I might have a crush on this friend scares me to death. Its been a few days I've been stuck in this feeling and its miserable. I dont want to stop talking to this friend since we're pretty close but it feels a little unbearable. 

Is this what attraction is supposed to feel like ?? or is this severe romance repulsion??? Has any one else felt like this??? Please help ;;

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