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I want to design a new flag, even if just for me. can i get some help?

Guest NotDanielSmith

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Guest NotDanielSmith

So, I like the current flag but I think it could be better, but I need people to suggest shit to me. I'm thinking something like the bhutan flag, with 2 colours and a white emblem of some kind, but idk what emblem, and other than green, idk what colour (i don't want to do black because it apparently represents the sexuality spectrum which is completely unrelated to aromanticism), any ideas? idk throw shit at a wall until it sticks give me anything

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On 7/8/2022 at 7:29 PM, Seeal said:

I mean maybe yellow? Yellow flowers are a symbol of friendship so that could be cool?

yeah that's an idea, but i feel like there needs to be some contrast, green, yellow, and white are all fairly light colours

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