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panromantic vs pansexual


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hi, i've recently come across the term panromantic and i've done some research on it. i've always identified as pansexual, it was the first label i found that fit me, then came gender labels, and then aromantic. but now, i'm not sure what i identify as, because gender doesn't matter to me, but if i'm pansexual then it doesn't really work because i'm pretty sure i'm acespec, because that's being sexually attracted to people regardless of gender, but i cant be panromantic because that means being romantically attracted to people regardless of gender. 

anyone know any terms that might work? i'm a bit stuck right now!  

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You can still identify as pansexual if you're aspec, and particularly if you're acespec (after all, you're still attracted to people in some capacity, I assume, since you said aceSPEC and not ace? Although even if you were just aroace, with no -spec, you could still ID as pan, since attraction doesn't always fit perfectly into a single, or even multiple, boxes). If you don't want to or you don't feel like that fits you, though, I'd recommend checking out the labels panalterous and panplatonic!

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On 5/17/2022 at 6:39 PM, AromanticAardvark said:

I assume, since you said aceSPEC and not ace? 

yeah, i originally thought i was acespec before arospec, then brushed it aside but recently it's something i've been thinking over loads, i think im aegosexual? 

thank you, this is something i've been super confused over because i dont want to want anyone upset who identify as either label and i dont want to be labelling myself as something i'm not. i'll have a look into those labels and come back! thank you again! 

edit: wow boy i think i'm panalterous thank you so much this makes so much sense (^0^)/

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