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I'm afraid to admit this to anyone...


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I've always been afraid to admit this to anyone, for fear of hurting them, but here goes... I've never felt any sense of pleasure or happiness from spending time with someone. Even if it's someone that I care about, including close friends & family who I get along with & love very much. I'm fully able to feel the full range of emotions with them, but their presence doesn't evoke an emotion. It's been this way my entire life & I've always been afraid to discuss it. I've tried going on meds for anxiety & depression &, while I feel less anxious & depressed about all of this, the problem is unchanged. Nothing makes any difference in this at all. I've been to counseling but they've been unable to figure it out. The first guesses are usually anxiety, depression, or an emotional block, but, once I describe it more, they agree that it doesn't seem to quite line up with those. I'm lonely a lot, but being around people, even people that I love, does almost nothing to help. Can anyone relate to this?

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Actually, yes. I walways thought I was just a jerk for it, but it's nice to see someone else feels similair to me. I do sometimes get happy emotional reactions to people being around me but not very much or very often? It's hard to explain, but I think I understand you.

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