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Do you feel connected to humanity?


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To be honest I have no idea. I mean I know that I'm a human.

But do I feel like a human? No idea. I have absolutely no idea what it means. Because even though I can relate to a lot of human creations, such as songs, characters from stories and ect, I still feel like I'm different from people themselves - especially from those in my surrounding. I just don't do a lot of things that are considered as normal, and it results in me not being able to relate to most of the people my age. Also I've been told multiple times that I act weird (it was probabbly due to my autism - I don't know if I can call myself autistic, because  even if I had suspitions of it ever since I was a child, I've never got a proper diagnosis, so if I can't, then please tell me - or maybe some undiagnosed mental illness), and I think that's one of the reasons why I feel 'dissconected' from humanity.

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i do feel emotions that society consider as human. but my aroaceness eats it away because of how society views aroace people. i feel connected to humanity because of the emotions i still feel; but i stray away from the social constructs humans had created. i dont know why those exist yet ive been fed those since im an infant and its been imbued deeply into my psyche to abandon now. i feel really disconnected to politics economics etc because i dont find it necessary at all nor do i bother to look at how these even works

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