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How would you define a squish?


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How would you define a squish? How would you define a crush? How many kinds of crush equivalents would you say there are?

Here's mine.

Platonic crush/Friend crush: Intense excitement over someone because of them being your best friend. E.G. "SQUEE! They're the coolest, most fun person! Can't wait to talk to/hang out with them again!"

Squish/Aro crush: Intense excitement over discovering someone that you have a lot in common with, who you might also be interested in. E.G. "SQUEE! They like super heroes too, are close to my age, & fall into the category that I have the capacity to feel sexual attraction for!" (I imagine that this one would be slightly different for those who are ace.)

Regular crush: Intense excitement because of feeling romantic love for someone/the desire to hold hands, use pet names, cuddle, go on dates with them, or marry them. E.G. ...? No idea. Never felt this one. I think it involves flirting.

How would you define the different kinds of crush equivalents?

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