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Trivia Night Project

Philbo Wiseroot

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Do you have any trivia questions?


AVEN's Bipolar Bear and I are planning on hosting a trivia night and are in need of your assistance! The idea is that the quiz will have a number of questions, with a theme that will change every session, such as music and general knowledge.


However, we need questions to do this. If you have any trivia questions and answers for us, please submit them through this form, along with suggested category, an online source and your Arocalypse username. If you can’t access the form, PM me and I can add the information manually.


The current categories are:










General knowledge

US history

World history


Other (please specify)




This is currently in brainstorming mode and will initially run every two weeks as a trial run. We will post a new thread once everything has been finalised. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We are eager to receive your feedback and submissions!

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