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Is this romantic attraction?

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Hello y'all!

So.. im questioning whether I'm aro or not, I already consider myself as grey-ro and asexual but now, im starting to question if  I actually felt romantic attraction, so I tried to describe it in the best possible, it was around 6 years ago that this happend so I cannot really tell what I exactly felt, but this is what I know. 

So I met this guy online, and we've never met each other in real life, and it would be kinda impossible to do so. Not sure if it matters but he was a few years older than I am (around 4 years older)

*I felt very comfortable with him and really had the feeling that I could be myself and that he wouldn't judge me.
*Sometimes while chatting I did get a warm feeling in my stomach (that feeling that you know you are going to do something cool, e.g. go to an amusement park) but I was never nervous, which should be called butterflies in the stomach (people who have a crush do experience that...?)
*He had promised me in the beginning that he might want to be together with me. That sounded cool, I mean, there was finally someone who really appreciated me and I was finally important to someone, and he was my first real friend as well. Only I  didn't really thought about the romantic aspects of it when he said that... so it was a pretty innocent thought (I was around 11 almost 12 so had no idea what a "romantic relationship" would mean) now that I think back, I actually think that my version of a romantic relationship was something like a QPR.
*When he got a girlfriend I was a bit disappointed, not necessarily jealous because I didn't want to be his girlfriend with all that romantic stuff and those expectations, but he said he wanted to be with me (see topic thingy above)but if he got a girlfriend that wouldn't happen. I was a lil sad about that however, it didn't affect me too much... Didn't lie awake worrying about it etc, didn't cried about it... Just an in the moment  "oh😕"  also because of the fact that I wasn't the most important to him anymore, well he was too me at that time so that made me quite upset as well. I mean, people consider romantic relationships as more important than friendships. Also later on, he told me that he'd never experience something romantic for me.. again I was like "oh😕" but after some self reflection, it was only because I was upset because of the fact that I would never be as important as her and that I'd always stay on the second place. But is that still a sign of romantic attraction?
*But I did enjoy helping him date. I gave him tips on how to ask her out and what not to do. Was really fun to do. So at some point I saw her reactions under his insta posts "you're my baby boy 🥰🥰" and I was literally in shock?? Like, those are actual emotions when you have a crush??
* When he said he had his first kiss with his girlfriend, I was like "oh so if I have a crush, I must like the idea of kissing him" so I imagined it, only it was almost automatically someone else who was with him in my fantasy... the "me" had a completely different appearance compared to me and the fantasy was never detailed. I would watch it from the third person and if there was a kissing scene (with a kissing scene I basically mean how parents kiss their parent), I would watch from a distance and there would be a kind of shadow so that the two characters were black and you couldn't see what was happening. That was a bit "exciting" I think, I had a weird feeling in my stomach so I guess it sort of was? I mean, around this age.. you start to become curious as well abt these things so, maybe it was just pure curiousity? But at the moment I really thought of him with the actual me in the fantasy... sorry but I couldn't imagine anything else than us being besties... and a kiss scene? Like no, we are just friends 
* Sometimes we videocalled, sometimes he would bring up his girlfriend and I could sound happy without effort or forcing. I was totally cool with it. I didn't felt any butterflies or something during the videocalls just enjoyed his presence and I felt like that I really could be me!

*I didn't felt the need to flirt with him in any way, and I didn't found him attractive either.. idk if that's inherently romantic if you do wanna flirt or when you find someone attractive, but most people say they do when they're experiencing a crush.

*At some point we pranked some people and he told me that I'd be funny to pretend that we were a couple. But the idea made me feel like:  "no.. lets not.. that's kinda weird, this makes me quite uncomfortable"

And things weren't going well at that time.. I was quite insecure and a bit lonely so maybe that also influenced some emotions?? I mean, like I said, he was the first person who I really considered as my best friend so idk, maybe I don't have enough experience to know whether this was just a best friend experience or a crush one. 

Also I thought of something: already sorry for if I misunderstand it but heard that like for example unattainable people (like celebritys/fictional characters/ ppl who are much older than you don't count as actual crushes because you would never be able to date them. Could something like that also be the case for me? I mean, like that fantasy about the "me" and him, im sure that I would actually never want that in real life (bcoz when I actually imagined myself with him it was so weird) nor would he (he had a girlfriend) so, like, would that belong into that category as well..? because like when we actually videocalled and even chatted, there was actual nothing special, as in that stomach feeling. So could it be that the version of him in my head could be considered as a "fictional characters" like, as in more of an imaginary person? 

So would to guys consider this as romantic attraction? (Sorry about the fact that this story is so long, but I wanted it to be as detailed as possible so that it perhaps would be easier to tell whether I felt romantic attraction or not) 

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It could be a less intense crush.

It also seems like it could be a squish (aka platonic attraction), queerplatonic attraction, or alterous attraction

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