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Really quick question that's been bothering me for a while

Guest Ket

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Heyyy Ive been identifying as Aro for like 2 years but I'm not really sure about something and it's bothering me a lot recently..

To start with, I got out of an ex relationship with someone, I stayed them no longer than 2 weeks and half so I don't think it's the reason of the sudden change I'm having recently. (I do not have any feelings for this person anymore). 

Ever since then, everytime I feel like I have a crush on someone, it only stays for 3 days max and then all I feel around them is either nothing either extremely uncomfortable... It hasn't stopped and it happened like a dozen of times. Also quick note that its not about the looks or the personality at all, I just completely lose feelings for them immediately. 

So my question is: is this loss of feelings related to aromantism? :(

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I may be interpreting this differently because of my experience but from what your saying sounds a lot like what I deal with before I rule out if it's a romantic attraction or if what I'm feeling is platonic. for a few days I'll be confused but then I realise it's platonic or I just forget about it altogether. 

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I can't say for sure if it's an aro thing for you or not, but I experience something similar & do relate it to my own aromanticism.

There've been times where I've had feelings strong enough to go "wait, is this a crush?" but after a few days/weeks they disappeared for no reason. It happens with intense squish-y feelings and other types of vague interest as well. It's like I just can't "hold on" to stuff like that.

It's frustrating; having it happen a dozen times over (what I assume is) a short timeframe sounds like hell.

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