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what do I do with all these feelings

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So for years I had romantic feelings for a friend. (Which developed after knowing said friend for several years.) I have gone through a few periods of pining and yearning, but most of the time the feelings have been on the back burner in my mind..... still there, but not in need of immediate attention.
I don't really know if my feelings for said friend are still romantic in nature or not, but..... this person is definitely still extremely important to me and if they were willing I'd jump into a QPR with them in a heartbeat. (But said friend is taken, so it'd be inappropriate to ask for that kinda thing.)

But really..... just wanna know wtf to do with all my feelings. I find myself willing to drop whatever I'm doing to talk to them, they are on my mind a lot, I want them to be able to confide in me and even feel upset when they don't, etc, etc, etc. When I've gone through my pining periods this feeling of wanting a higher level of emotional intimacy has been pretty freakin intense. How do I like, deal?

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Have you told them about your feelings? I guess you haven't since you've said that they is in a relationship... I have always thought that sincerity is very important, and even more when you love someone (I am not talking about romantic love, it can be any kind of affectionate feeling). If you really like them and want to be with them in a QPR or romantic relationship, I think that you should be sincere about the way you feel. Maybe they feels the same way about you and, if they don't (or doesn't, I don't fully understand the way they works in singular), at least you would have taken a weight off and you would be able to skip the page.

I am sorry if something I've said doesn't make sense at all, feel free to ask if you want to.

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Honestly I'm in a very similar boat lmao, except I know for sure its not romantic. Technically, you could be in a QPR with them while they're in a romantic relationship, so I feel like its worth asking after. Like there are polyam romantic relationships, a QPR and romantic relationship at the same time with different people sounds like it'd be a similar concept y'know?

Personally I just kind of. Suffer? Not in a bad way of course, but i'm not going to tell her or anything anytime soon so I'll just keep all my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die (not really I'll do something with them before that but. /ref y'know lmao). I've made some playlists and Silly poems, a Pinterest board, that type of thing to be able to at least put my feelings *somewhere*

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