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For Anyone Unable to Create an Account Here

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I've had several reports of people who try to make an account here but get an error that they aren't able to use their email address. Or it may be another generic error that doesn't help much. This may be part of IPS Community's anti-spam filters. While it keeps a lot of spam bots away, it also has false positives that keep honest people out on occasion.


If you try to make an account here and seem to get locked out, please try the following:

  1. Check your spam and/or junk folders to see if the registration mail went there
  2. If you have an account on AVEN, send a private message to Blue Phoenix Ace with your desired username and email
  3. If not, try joining the chat and grab a member's attention there. Tell them to PM me your desired username and email
  4. If you can make comments on YouTube, find my channel in my signature below and comment on one of my videos to get my attention


Once I have your desired username and your email address, I can create an account for you manually. Thanks for your patience!

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