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fictional squishes


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Do you get fictional squishes?

I've had a lot of fictional squishes and I can't really remember all of them, but these are the most recent ones.
• Ryan Rodriguez (two can keep a secret)
• Billy Rosewood (Beverly Hills Cop)
• Darry Curtis (the outsiders)
• Huffman (Genshin impact)
• Clark Triton (Professor Layton) Also, my first fictional squish was Shellington from the octonauts.

So I guess I have a thing for guys who "sacrifice" themselves for their family and cute, clumsy side character boys.
If you have some, who are your fictional squishes? Do you seem to have a type?

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I have some original ones but I saw 

7 hours ago, arofox said:

(the outsiders)

in context of squishes and was hit with 7th grade memories that I totally forgot... I definitely had a squish on Steve and I definitely wanted to be Sodapop and if there were a modern au I’d want a poly QPR thing with those two and their canon girlfriends 

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