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I don’t know what to do about a squish.


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There’s a person I go to school with that I have a squish on. About a month ago I sent him a message on instagram saying something along the lines  of, “hey, i know this probably seems weird, but you seem like a cool person to talk to. i’ve been meaning to talk to you during first period, but i didn’t want to bother you.” (for context, we are in the same class first period.) Basically, he responded saying that I wouldn’t be bothering him. We talked a few times before class after that, but only briefly and we haven’t really talked in a few weeks. 

This is the first squish I’ve acted on (and the first one I recognized as a squish), so I really have no idea what to do at this point. 

I stopped trying to start a conversation because a) I couldn’t tell if he actually liked talking to me or if he was just being nice and b) I was tired of stressing myself out over the whole thing. I have terrible social skills and I’m not very good at making friends. (I’m also a bit worried that he might think I have a crush on him.) I figured that the squish would fade away if I stopped pursuing it, but it’s been a bit over two weeks(?) and it’s still here. We’ll be graduating in about a month, so it’s  pretty much now or never. 

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