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A Poem About the Aspec Experience

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Hey, y'all!

I've been getting into writing poems lately, and I inevitably wrote about my orientation. I think this just generally describes what I am sure a lot of us here have thought about at least once. Feel free to continue this thread as a collection of aspec writing! (Or not) If this is to be posted elsewhere, please ask!

One last thing: Title suggestions?

Help me, God,
to find the truth
The path that must be walked,
to which only I can not seem to find the route to
I will give my life to walk it;
to be not so alone as I am here
I am sure it will be lively,
I can see the ease of life over there
Why will you not help me, God?
to find the truth?
Am I not worthy to walk it?
Not good enough to be true?
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