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  1. I didn't want to make it a big deal, so I just casually mention things that might clue people into it (I'm sure my friends are so confused lol), but otherwise, I don't really care for "officially coming out". At the very least, I just make sure that I don't mention it to people who I know have bad opinions on the topic (*ahem* my family).
  2. I'm considering coming out to a friend, but just the though of it scars me right out of my wits

  3. I don't think there's an official mascot, but I've seen frogs absolutely everywhere, and I'm in love with them. I think that otherwise, deep sea creatures are such a mood and that the community should claim one of them. Like siphonophores and octopus!
  4. Hey y'all. Definitely not urgent, but I have had some realizations. I figured out I was aromantic about a year ago and the thought always lingered in my head after that. I just realized, though, that I tend to find romance a little annoying. For example, in video games, there would be this great plot, and I would love everything about it, but the main character would have a love interest. Everyone who knows the game really loves the love interest, but for some reason, I started not liking her as much? She had a really good concept and character and otherwise, I like her, so I'm not sure what's happening? (I'm specifically talking about Breath of the Wild, if anyone knows). The same thing happens with other games, and seven shows and books. (I mostly like action and adventure). I'm not sure if I'm romance-repulsed, because I don't seem to have a problem when watching romcoms or books about romance. I don't know if this is because with these, I'm fully expecting the plot to be about romance and purposely enjoying consuming romantic entertainment. ???????????? - Erid
  5. Hey, y'all! I've been getting into writing poems lately, and I inevitably wrote about my orientation. I think this just generally describes what I am sure a lot of us here have thought about at least once. Feel free to continue this thread as a collection of aspec writing! (Or not) If this is to be posted elsewhere, please ask! One last thing: Title suggestions? Help me, God, to find the truth The path that must be walked, to which only I can not seem to find the route to I will give my life to walk it; to be not so alone as I am here I am sure it will be lively, I can see the ease of life over there Why will you not help me, God? to find the truth? Am I not worthy to walk it? Not good enough to be true?
  6. Took up writing poems as a hobby. It's a little hard because I default to romance (it's a popular topic for poems) but I can't relate. Otherwise, I'm having a blast!

    1. NotHeartless


      I like poems that aren't about romance (surpise :D). I like the ones about death, missing a friend, dreams, nature, fantasy worlds...there are a lot of topics to choose from. Your creativity is the only limit. :)

  7. Hey y'all! I've been browsing through my playlists lately, and I'm noticing how I tend to lean towards songs without romance in them (or can be implied towards platonic relationships instead), so I thought I would share this list for anyone who is interested! If you would like me to post the links to these songs, please let me know! Alternative/Pop Rock: - Starset (Band) > Where the Skies End, Faultline, Trials, Waking Up Notes: A great band with great songs, but a lot of them are about (pretty sad) romance. I picked some out that aren't. These songs are the heaviest you'll get on this list. - The Score (Band) > Only One, The Fear, Stronger, Born For This, Who I Am Notes: Generally, check out their entire ATLAS album. Their songs are about motivation, self-esteem, and encouragement. They're good to listen to when you're feeling down! Some lyrics from Who I Am: "I'm a myth, and I'm a legend, without strength and a contender, I am real and the pretender." Alternative Pop/Pop: - Melanie Martinez (Solo Artist) > Lunchbox Friends, Fire Drill, Drama Club, Dead to Me, Mad Hatter, Mrs. Potato Head, Pity Party, Crybaby, Dollhouse Notes: All of her songs are good, but a good number of them talk about romance too. I really recommend Lunchbox Friends, though. It's about wanting long-lasting friendships. For example: "I don't want no lunchbox friends, no, I want someone who understand, oh." "Come to my house, let's die together, friendship that would last forever." - Em Beihold (Solo Artist) > City of Angels Notes: A small artist, but she sings really well! Most of her songs are about romance, but City of Angels is about fake friends and letting them go. - iKON (K-pop Group) > 바람 (Freedom), 덤앤더머 (Dumb and Dumber) Notes: Favorite lyrics in Freedom translated by yours truly: "I have 8th grader syndrome, I'm in puberty" "There are lots of stars in the sky" "No love, love, love" "Don't touch me, I'm fine the way I am and I prefer just dying this way." "Don't cage me, I don't want something as unfit for me as love." "Don't kid me, we're all going to change in the future anyway." English line: "All I need is freedom" Dumb and Dumber is a song you can just jam to. - Oliver Tree (Solo Artist) > Alien Boy, Hurt Notes: Alien Boy is his most popular, and for good reason. Hurt may seem romantic, but please keep in mind that it is a song about a scooter contest. Some lyrics from Alien Boy: "I fell down to Earth from a hundred miles away and somehow I still make it work" "Got an eagle beak with the ostrich feet, seven spider eyes for every day of the week" Misc: > Island Song - Adventure Time (From cartoon series) > Self-Inflicted Achromatic (Engl. Vers.) - JubyPhonic (From an anime) > My Own Little Nightmare - Random Encounters (Video game cover of Little Nightmares I) > Hungry For Another One - JT Music (Video game cover of Little Nightmares I) Notes: Songs that are from animations, shows, video game covers, etc.
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