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Hey y'all! I've been browsing through my playlists lately, and I'm noticing how I tend to lean towards songs without romance in them (or can be implied towards platonic relationships instead), so I thought I would share this list for anyone who is interested! If you would like me to post the links to these songs, please let me know!

Alternative/Pop Rock:

- Starset (Band)

          > Where the Skies End, Faultline, Trials, Waking Up

Notes: A great band with great songs, but a lot of them are about (pretty sad) romance. I picked some out that aren't. These songs are the heaviest you'll get on this list.

- The Score (Band)

          > Only One, The Fear, Stronger, Born For This, Who I Am

Notes: Generally, check out their entire ATLAS album. Their songs are about motivation, self-esteem, and encouragement. They're good to listen to when you're feeling down! Some lyrics from Who I Am: "I'm a myth, and I'm a legend, without strength and a contender, I am real and the pretender."

Alternative Pop/Pop:

- Melanie Martinez (Solo Artist)

          > Lunchbox Friends, Fire Drill, Drama Club, Dead to Me, Mad Hatter, Mrs. Potato Head, Pity Party, Crybaby, Dollhouse

Notes: All of her songs are good, but a good number of them talk about romance too. I really recommend Lunchbox Friends, though. It's about wanting long-lasting friendships. For example: "I don't want no lunchbox friends, no, I want someone who understand, oh." "Come to my house, let's die together, friendship that would last forever."

- Em Beihold (Solo Artist)

          > City of Angels

Notes: A small artist, but she sings really well! Most of her songs are about romance, but City of Angels is about fake friends and letting them go.

- iKON (K-pop Group)

           > 바람 (Freedom), 덤앤더머 (Dumb and Dumber)

Notes: Favorite lyrics in Freedom translated by yours truly: "I have 8th grader syndrome, I'm in puberty" "There are lots of stars in the sky" "No love, love, love" "Don't touch me, I'm fine the way I am and I prefer just dying this way." "Don't cage me, I don't want something as unfit for me as love." "Don't kid me, we're all going to change in the future anyway." English line: "All I need is freedom" Dumb and Dumber is a song you can just jam to.

- Oliver Tree (Solo Artist)

            > Alien Boy, Hurt

Notes: Alien Boy is his most popular, and for good reason. Hurt may seem romantic, but please keep in mind that it is a song about a scooter contest. Some lyrics from Alien Boy: "I fell down to Earth from a hundred miles away and somehow I still make it work" "Got an eagle beak with the ostrich feet, seven spider eyes for every day of the week"


           > Island Song - Adventure Time (From cartoon series)

           > Self-Inflicted Achromatic (Engl. Vers.) - JubyPhonic (From an anime)

           > My Own Little Nightmare - Random Encounters (Video game cover of Little Nightmares I)

           > Hungry For Another One - JT Music (Video game cover of Little Nightmares I)

Notes: Songs that are from animations, shows, video game covers, etc.

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