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Romantic Horror Stories

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I was overseas visiting friends, and while alone on a train the one day, there was this guy sitting nearby. He started out by saying I look familiar, like he thinks we've met before. Then started saying how beautiful I am, and some other weird complimentary stuff. I told him I live with 2 friends, and they're both male, thinking that might discourage him, but no... I got off the train a stop earlier than I would have, hoping to be rid of him, but he got off at the same station, even though he had mentioned earlier he was going to get off at a different one. There were some people standing around not too far away, so I figured it was reasonably safe. He basically begged me for my phone number... so I gave him the one of my other phone that I don't actually use as a main phone, and that I was planning on changing soon anyway. I finally got rid of him that way... he hugged me and left. I thoroughly checked my pockets to make sure he didn't pickpocket anything... he didn't. I still have no idea what his goal was. He sent me a few text messages and tried to phone a few times... but I completely ignored those. That was creepy as hell.

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