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Is Aroflux a good label for this or something else ?

Toasted Stars

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Hi, Hi!! Second time posting here so, I hope I end up explaining this well enough ^^. 

I'm sort of questioning if I fall under Aroflux or something else under the arospectrum ? Because most of my experiences with these sorts of things fall under Lithromantic, Recipromantic, or Demiromantic. So I'm not super sure if I should stick with identifying with Aroflux or something else! I'll give the examples I used to help me sorta realize this.

- 3 examples, I only found myself thinking of me and someone else as romantic terms whenever they confessed to me first. 

- 2 times, I started getting a crush on someone but really had no need to pursue it. I just kinda had the crush but was okay without them, it wasn't going to hurt me in any shape or form if I didn't end up with them.

- 1 time, I did end up in a relationship that I was happy with ! I think I liked them but, our relationship didn't really change much from when we were friends to when we were "dating". It didn't last long and I think that was really the only time I felt genuinely sad over a break up.

- 2 times, I got into a relationship with other people but once again, nothing really changed from our friendship to our relationship, and even when we broke up, I didn't find myself caring about it that much. It was like an "aw shucks" moment but then nothing.

- I had a crush on someone but we never ended up dating but, it was kind of an impulse thing. I didn't really slow down to really assess my feelings. I just felt a pressure on my chest and I was like. "Oh I like them, whoopee." Sorta thing. 

- I found out that I had alterious attractions instead of romantic ones ! I thought 'wanting to get to know someone' but not really date them was having a crush but, turns out it's not! lol.

- It might be something else here but, I always had that sorta "We're friends so we're more important to each other than romantic partners" sort of mindset. 

- I actually went through a lot of questioning, whether I was lesbian because I didn't feel so strongly towards guys, or bi, since I thought I was attracted to both, or just straight because I didn't feel strongly to girls either. 

- So, for over a year I swore off relationships! I said that I wanted to "work on myself" and improve because I couldn't see myself putting so much into a romantic relationship as I would with my friends.

- I found out that the things I wanted in a "romantic relationship" such as sensual attraction and strong communication wasn't strictly a romantic thing, so it made me question what romance even was for a while. It's sorta hard for me to describe it but in a sense I kinda get it? If that makes sense. 

- But after finding out that sensual, alterious, and aesthetic attractions were all different things, I guess I kinda had the realization of amatonorativity and actual romance repulsion. 

- Then, I started looking into QPRs, and I found that to be a lot more appealing than romantic relationships! Just easier to communicate without the weird traditional romantic standards that a ton of romantic relationships have set. 

So, that kinda brings me here!! I'm just sorta debating on if I should go by Aroflux, or something else ? :0

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