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  1. Thank you!! It's nice to meet you, too!
  2. Hi, Hi!! Second time posting here so, I hope I end up explaining this well enough ^^. I'm sort of questioning if I fall under Aroflux or something else under the arospectrum ? Because most of my experiences with these sorts of things fall under Lithromantic, Recipromantic, or Demiromantic. So I'm not super sure if I should stick with identifying with Aroflux or something else! I'll give the examples I used to help me sorta realize this. - 3 examples, I only found myself thinking of me and someone else as romantic terms whenever they confessed to me first. - 2 times, I started gettin
  3. Hey, hey! You can call me Toast! I came to this site kind of as a way to learn more about arospec experiences, since I've only recently discovered that I'm more than likely Aroflux. Other than that, I like talking about pokemon, animal crossing, MCYT, minecraft, nintendo, studio ghibli, movies, and more !!! :D You're free to ask any questions and what not. I'm not super great with introductions but I just wanted to drop this in. Glad to be here !
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