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AACT: Anti-Animal Cruelty Thread


So, this is a group I used to run on a different forum, before it died off due to my mental health issues. It's a thread for all of us who care about animals, whether we support animal rights, animal welfare, or something else. It was mostly activism-centered, and I hope to carry that over here, as animal rights is a deep passion of mine, although any posts relating to animals are welcomed! Healthy debate is welcomed here as well, but be charitable to your opponents and try to stick to the facts.

As I've noticed that a lot of aro people are very compassionate towards animals (for whatever reason), and my mental health is at a place where I can once again run a small and friendly activism-centered group, I decided to resurrect the AACT for us animal-lovers. ^_^


I hope you guys enjoy the AACT!

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Idea: I'm holding a viewing of Earthlings (a documentary about animal abuse and animal rights) this weekend for a few of my internet friends; maybe a few of you guys might want to join me? (...assuming you exist, that is.) Otherwise I can always do live posts as I watch it of me crying at all the terrible things that humanity does to animals. :(


It is a very intense documentary though (tw: gore, animal abuse, animal death) and I don't know how many of you are free next weekend to participate, so feel free to enjoy the AACT and talk in it without joining! Just thought it might be a good opening event for all of us, plus it gives us something to talk about here ;) 


For those of you who don't want to watch it or aren't sure, maybe this can be our first conversation topic: what issue that affects animals are you most passionate about? Personally, I am very passionate about the use of animals in cosmetics testing, as well as the wild animals who are dealing with habitat loss, climate change, etc. 

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