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Figuring myself out/ex advice

Guest Be8h8


I'm trying to figure myself out and I'm a bit lost. I'm absolutely 100% terrible with relationships. I have issues with everything from communication to gestures. Recently realized aromantic may be part of the reason. Definitely not ace, cuz most of the physical aspects of relationships I enjoy. I've been in 2 relationships, both of which I let go on longer than I should have, because I was afraid of breaking up and hurting the other person.

It's now year after my last break up. I've been taking time to think on who I am and what I want. I just found out that my ex is still struggling. Like, a lot. As in a year later he still is wary about relationships and feels like he was suddenly tossed aside. He was a friend before we dated and I still care about him as a friend and I hurt him. I want to explain, but don't know if telling the truth will help or hurt more. At the time, and still, I regret that I hurt him, but I'm so relieved its over. I'm looking for advice on whether I should/how to reach out.

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