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Aro Comebacks I Thought Up

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Q: "But don't you want somebody to share your life with?"

"No, it's all mine. They can go get their own."

"Every time I share something with someone, they break it. Life included." 

Q: "But how can you not feel love?" 

"Look, in this language, you can love pizza. Pick your goalpost." 

Q. "But starting a family..."

"What's wrong with the old one?" 

Q. "There's gotta be someone in your future"

"Right. Because I just said 'When the World is Running Down' is what I want" (reference to a song by the only good police, the band called The Police) 

Q. "Your other half" 

"Yes, I only exist to my waist. I don't walk; I float." 

I'm most proud of the responses to lines one and three, but I thought I'd share. Mods are welcome to move this if this isn't the right place. I'm new here.

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