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Can anyone relate to not caring?


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When I was younger, I didn't get crushes. I never really even realized that crushes were a big deal. I read romantic books a lot and I always expected that one day, I would date someone and fall in love because everyone feel in love sometimes. I never realized that I didn't get crushes like everyone else and it wasn't even a big deal until I found out about aromanticism. I even liked reading about romantic love and it's always felt like something that I would be able to when I got older. I didn't think I was broken or weird, I was just normal.

But now that I've figured out that I'm aro, I feel so much more alienated than my peers. I keep having panic attacks about being aro and I'm not even sure if I want a relationship anymore. Even now, I don't face much arophobia, but I keep thinking that someone is going to tell me that I'm wrong.

This post is a mess, but I hope that you sort of understand where I'm coming from.

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I feelt the same. I gradually figured out I was aro (not knowing the term though) when i was teenager and felt kind of relieved because it meant I could live without the many worries of  allos. Discovering the aro community gave me the knowledge that I wasn't alone and that it was worth changing the society because all the life opportunities that I lost because of amatonormativity were not lost only for me.

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